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  • Order and Chaos Online

    I tried to play with my first character (an orc warrior, name's FabulousGuy) but it always says "Connection lost". I created another character but it's still work correctly. Their is nothing wrong with my device and the connection. I've also re-install the game but the problem still occurs. My first character is level 21, in server America, Arcadian Forest. Now I'm stuck in Swamp of Wyrms. My Live! account is FabulousBanana. More...
  • Banned

    Game Loft I have been banned from playing Sniper Fury erroneously. The reasons stated for the ban could not possibly pertain to me. I'm not tech savvy enough to modify the game through external tools, modify the game to speed up progress, obtain items, or unlock content. Because I don't play online, I could never have harassed any other player. Please re-investigate because I haven't done anything to be banned from the game. More...
  • BLZBNTBGS00000034

    If you have reached this page, it means you are currently banned from the game you were playing. Some possible reasons for being banned include: - Obtaining versions of the game through unofficial channels - Modifying game parameters through external tools - Using game bugs and exploits to speed up progress, obtain items, or unlock content - Harassing other players We remind you that you can consult Article 4 of our official Terms of Service here: If you have read the above and feel that you have been... More...
  • unfair ban

    Hello, I went to play my, 'My little pony: friendship is magic' game for my iphone 5 when it said I was banned for a bit. the reason was my growth of my town. I play the game every single day so that is why my town grows so much. The only thing that happened that would be off was when I got the pony "diamond tiara" I got two of her, I have no idea how thing happened and I can't seem to delete the second tiara. I have put a lot of time and effort into making my town and don't want to lose it all over a glitch. More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • Glitched Black screen in frostlund

    Unable to connect to my Ranger or Healer. I have 3 characters on the account one is my tank which can log in perfectly fine. My mage and flame knight on a separate account log in quite easily as well. Yet my Ranger and healer who were gy the portal on Eternal Frustlund are inaccessible. I log on with Facebook sign in. Then click on the character. It open to a black screen with a loading wheel at the bottom right. It sits there for a while until the eternal frustlund picture pops up then after about 10 seconds or so it gives me this message winow, "Connection Lost". I've tried... More...
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